Who Made My Clothes? | Short Film (2019)

Have you ever thought about supply chains and the people who put time and effort in to making garments that are purchased and worn the world over? Do you know the stories of the people who put energy into the fabrication of your clothes?

Watch the short film to hear from the founder of a fashion collective of refugee women in Hong Kong and how she is spearheading a new wave of sustainable fashion while also empowering women back home.

Art Women is a collective of female refugees who use arts, crafts and fashion as a way to empower themselves and navigate trauma. They also assist a group in the Democratic Republic of Congo called Avocat des sans voix (ASV), an organization that provides legal and vocational training for internally displaced women.


Edited and produced by Fatima Qureshi

Cinematography by Anthony Asis and Avocats de sans voix

Music by Lessazo, Blue Dot Sessions, Youssoupha Sidibe and Pamelo Mounka

Special thanks to Benita Chick and Hugo Alex Since for translating English to Chinese subtitles